Snapchatting Surgery: Too Far or Just Right?

I have, on many occasions, mentioned why it is so important to turn to social media to help market your cosmetic surgery practice.  It offers a way to speak to your potential patients on their level, answer their questions, and just really be honest about how your practice runs.  You can be a bit goofier and fun on social media – show a side of yourself that may not often be revealed through other sources of marketing. 

However, I stumbled across an article on that made me question how far is too far in terms of social media marketing.  This article explained that Dr. Matthew Schulman in New York City was Snapchatting his surgeries.  Per the article by Julie Mazziotta (2016), Dr. Schulman does this to give his followers an inside look into the operating room.  He also claims the snaps benefit his patients as well, because 95% of the people that come in want to have their operation Snapchatted so they can watch them after the procedure is finished.

At first, I’ll admit.  I was a bit nervous by this.  It seemed slightly too “into the future” for me, though I could understand how it would be interesting to watch.  I wondered how the patients felt about being featured on Snapchat.  If they felt vulnerable or taken advantage of.  However, upon reading further into the article, Dr. Schulman did mention that each patient is completely anonymous.  Their faces and identifying body parts are covered, and no names are given.  Plus, all snaps disappear in 24 hours. Suddenly, I realized that Dr. Schulman seemed to be less about creating a show for his followers, and more about showing them what surgery was really like.

Everyone has seen those educational programs on TV where they show live operations, I’m sure, and this appears to be no different.  Yes, it was quite a shock to learn it was happening on Snapchat of all places, but once that shock wore off, I understood Dr. Schulman was trying to perform a service.  According to him, these videos are helping to destigmatize plastic surgery because a lot of people think it’s like what we see on Extreme Makeover or Botched.  He wants to prove how wrong we are.

So, here’s my question.  As professionals in the same field, how do you feel about Dr. Schulman’s Snapchatting?  I would very much like the input of those who know the operating room firsthand.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your responses! 

Azura Memory Care's Mosaic Dream Program: Lift of a Lifetime

We wanted to publicize this stellar example of memory care from our amazing client, Azura Memory Care on LinkedIn so badly, we couldn't wait for it to reach their archives.  This is directly from their newsletter, and we hope they don't mind us putting them on a pedestal.  We are truly honored to serve them!


If you ask enough people you will find that most have a bucket or dream list that they hope to accomplish.  Gertie, a resident of our Azura Memory Care home in Monroe is no different and at nearly 97 years young her dream was to lift above the clouds in a helicopter!

Hearing this Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams squad came together to see what they could do to make Gertie’s dream come true.  Thanks to Neal Redington and Redington Farms who very generously donated the use of their helicopter and pilot, Gerties dream took flight.
The day dawned a bit cloudy, but even a little rain shower couldn’t keep the smile from Gertie’s face.  She was picked up at her Azura home by the MOSAIC Dreams squad an ushered to the Monroe Airport, where a group of around 20 family and friends waited to cheer her on her way.

As the helicopter approached the smile on Gertie’s face grew and grew.  In fact, if you looked close it almost seemed like she was dancing.  As she climbed into the 4-passenger helicopter and settled into her front row seat she gazed out at her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-great grandchildren and waved to all.

When the bird lifted into the air Gertie’s dream was realized as she took flight over her beloved countryside and saw homes, farms, cows and places known to her life story.  She sat in awe of all she saw marveling in the view, the height and her ability to finally be above the clouds.  For 20 minutes Gertie soared and her dream came true!

While the helicopter began to descend Gertie was amazed to see so many friendly faces and signs made with love by her Azura family too.  They read “Welcome Back Gertie” and welcome they did with hugs, pictures, cookies and sharing of magical moments.  Knowing that Gertie’s lift of a lifetime had come true!




DNA testing may sound scary, but the truth of the matter is that many of our body’s secrets are held in our genes.  Unlocking them can help ensure the medical stability and high quality of life for those who memory loss creates communication barriers.
At Azura Memory Care, one of the cutting edge MOSAIC Therapies that we have found to greatly benefit our residents is neuropsychiatric pharmacogenomics testing.  This tool tests a person’s genetic profile with FDA-approved medications to gauge their effectiveness on an individualized basis.

Provided by Assurex Health, their patented product GeneSight is the only neuropsychiatric pharmacogenomics technology that is supported by multiple clinical studies that have been have been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, New England Journal of Medicine and Discovery Medicine.

Typically covered by Medicare, this specialized testing can be done at Azura with just two small cotton swabs being used to collect DNA from the inside of one’s cheek.  These swabs are then sent to the GeneSight lab for testing with results coming back in just a few days.  Results are then tabulated into a report that is provided to Azura, the resident’s physician, and to the family.  The results of the test are illustrated in three categories based on how the medication was metabolized for effectiveness and tolerability.

We use this information as a tool or guideline to help us personalize the medications and dosages used by that resident.  Our goal is to ensure that from engagements to medications every aspect of our care is geared to creating a MOSAIC that truly supports our residents to live their highest quality of life possible.

How Trustworthy is Your Website?


When a visitor heads to a business website, they generally go because they’re either researching that company’s services or they’re already preparing to purchase something.  Either way once they’re there, the company itself wants those visitors to feel good about being there. Think about it: How would you feel about walking into a brick and mortar store that made you feel uncomfortable?  You likely wouldn’t stay very long, would you?  

That’s why you want your own website to look and feel as trustworthy as possible.  That way when a visitor clicks your links, they want to stay.  They want to go through each page and learn everything they can about you.  Make them want to purchase your services! Look at these two web pages side by side:



Of the two, which are you more likely to stay on longer than a few minutes?  Let’s be honest here, we’re all probably going to say the one on the right. Why is that?  Well, for one, there is so much going on there on the left that it’s just too difficult to differentiate the information.  It’s all kind of a blur, isn’t it? Also, the numerous color choices are just an eyesore.  The page on the right has chosen a color scheme and they’ve stuck with it throughout the page.  Their calls to action are prominent, and look! You can see their BBB membership right there.  The left page’s use of dozens and dozens of thumbnail photos and links to click is just too much. A strong design makes a huge difference.

Now, your page is very likely not like the page on the left.  Most people either hire a website designer or at least have enough of an idea of what a nice page looks like to achieve that vision.  That being said, you can still ensure you’re showing your trustworthiness, even once you’ve achieved the great website! Take a look at what Amazon has done here:



They have their normal sign in button there on the top right, but at the bottom left, you can see another sign in button that says “Sign in Securely.”  Since Amazon deals with millions of customers’ personal information, this is a great way to show that they’re focused on keeping that information safe. This method could also be used for signup sheets, consultation forms, and information requests, too.  

One of the best ways to show you’re trustworthy is simply to show who you are. We’ve all seen the “About Us” pages on sites.  That’s not what I’m talking about, though it certainly helps.  What I mean is something different, something that shows you as a person or company.  Pictures of the offices, staff, and higher ups are great.  Biographies for staff members are, too! If you’re a medical office, don’t just tell us about the doctor, tell us about everyone else as well.  Show us just how great your office is as a whole. If you’re a senior living community, show us the grounds and the activities, not just the reception hall.  Show us life at your community.  It really does make a difference.

Oh! And one last thing: If you’re utilizing live chat and you deal with confidential information, please make sure your service is up to date on HIPAA regulations.  That’s another great way to show trustworthiness.  Check us out to see what I mean! SiteStaff is up to date on HIPAA regulations so if we chatted for you, we would keep your visitors’ information safe.

Thanks for reading!


Blogging Ideas for Car Dealerships

Now that you’ve decided to start a blog, you’re likely trying to pin down what you’d like to write about.  This can be daunting for many people, especially if they don’t have any experience in writing professionally.  Don’t worry! The great thing about blogging for your business is that you already have all of the knowledge you need for a successful blog, you just need a little inspiration and direction so you can pick the perfect starting point.  The best way to do that is to simply go over some great topics for your industry so that you can find that drop of inspiration you need.

So first, let’s figure out what kind of blog you plan to have.  Are you going to be offering advice á la a quick article with a comments section?  This is a great way to reach your customers and visitors and let them know you’re paying attention.  Are you going to offer news and updates on the latest auto makes and models? That’s also fantastic for demonstrating your knowledge of your industry.  You can lean one way or offer a mix of both, if you prefer. You can even pepper in miscellaneous topics if the mood strikes you.  Why don’t I give you some topic ideas, and maybe that will help you decide what type of blog you’d like to have on your site?

First and foremost, your blog is great for writing about promotions and sales at your dealership.  However, you don’t want to fill your blog space solely with these posts and ignore all other content.  Since these promotions expire, the posts won’t work for you the way they are supposed to.  They’re not going to offer that continuous lead generation like other posts will. 

Here are some post ideas that will keep those leads coming:

Auto reviews.  This is your bread and butter.  This is where you can make your blog shine.  Imagine having so many of your customer questions about a vehicle answered on your website, in your own words.  You can do that in your blog by reviewing a vehicle once you receive it.  You know what customers are looking for, so you know what to review.  You have a special insight that even most professional auto magazine writers don’t have when they review vehicles. While they mainly review vehicles the average consumer can’t afford, you can review all of them and let us know what we really want to know.

Industry News and Trends.  What’s up and coming? What is going to be setting the stage for our future in the automotive industry? Use your insider knowledge, or even a quick Google search for inspiration and get to sharing your findings with your readers.

Top 10 Lists.  Car dealerships have a unique advantage in blogging, because they have the entire automotive industry to play with.  This means you can compare and contrast vehicles on your blog, and you can make lists.  Top 10 lists, or countdown lists, are great for showing readers which vehicles are great for a certain use.  For instance, you can write a post about the “Top 10 Safest Cars of the Year,” or have a bit of fun with your list and write the “Top 10 Dream Cars.”

Best Road Trip Destinations. You sell cars. People love to take road trips.  If you’re a fan of road-tripping yourself, you can combine business with pleasure and write about some great destinations here in the US (or worldwide).  You can even talk about which vehicles are the best for taking on these long excursions.

Questions to ask when buying a car. I myself have purchased several vehicles from a dealer, and I still feel like I’m forgetting to ask questions when I go in.  Buying a new car can be daunting.  Why not offer some advice about what questions to ask or what to look for when coming in to buy a car? That way your customers feel more prepared once they walk through your doors.

Those are just some general topics you can start with. Using those topic ideas, you can expand on them and write numerous articles.  If you’re still not feeling inspired, here’s a list of topics you can choose that are a bit more specific:

  • Lease or finance?
  • Trade in or sell privately?
  • When is gap insurance worth it?
  • What the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover
  • How much of a down payment should I have?
  • What are all those extra fees when car buying?
  • Car buying myths
  • How long can I go before getting an oil change, really?
  • Best cars for teens and college students
  • When car repairs shouldn’t be done at home

So there you have it! Plenty of blog topics for you to start with.  Hopefully these ideas have piqued your interests and prepared you to start writing. I hope to see you blogging soon.  If you do start a blog, or if you have a blog that you’re writing in, please share it with me! Just email me a link and I’ll happily share it on our SiteStaff Twitter page to assist you with that social media presence I mentioned in my last post.

So You Want to Start a Blog? (Trust Me, You do)

A lot of businesses create their websites with the necessities: they have their products, pricing, and contact information.  They likely have great “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages, too.  But you know what so many business websites are missing?  A blog.  I get it.  Blogs don’t really seem that important, in the scheme of things.  You might have the idea that a blog won’t make much difference, or that people simply won’t read it.  I’m here to explain why a blog really is so important, and why you should start one today.  If you do have one that you’re not updating, get to updating it because you’re missing out on huge opportunities for growth in your company!

So what can a blog do for you?

1.       It attracts new visitors.  With every post you create, you’re offering interesting content for others to share on social media and via email. With each share, your name and website is circulating more and more.  If you don’t have a blog right now, the only way people can find you is by looking for you directly.  Basically, you’ve got word of mouth.  Yes, there are ways to pay for traffic like purchasing email lists for blasts and paid ads. But think about it for a second, these avenues can be expensive, shady (if not illegal), and a lot of times as soon as you stop paying for them, you stop seeing results.

With a blog, though?  You’re generating new content to your website with every post, which allows this content to organically pop up in search engines more often.  The more blog posts you have, the more often you pop up.  The more you pop up, the more new people find you.

2.       It gives you more of a social media presence. Social media is a huge help to businesses these days.  If you don’t have your own social media accounts yet, I highly urge you to do so.  That’s another post, though! While you should certainly be maintaining your own presence, the great thing about social media and blogs is that others can help you maintain a presence as well.  With steady blog posts, people are able to discover and share your posts via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more.  Once your posts are shared there, they are spread amongst the poster’s followers and so forth.  You can see how this could mean generating quite a bit of new traffic to your website, if you are creating new and interesting content that people would find truly worth reading.

3.       You get free calls to action. Each blog post usually gets its own page, so if you place an individual call to action on each page, you could generate a new lead with every blog post.  Think about it.  Right now you likely already have a call to action on every page of your website, but you have a very limited number of pages, right?  Imagine if you had a blog added in, and your blog had dozens, if not hundreds of pages all leading back to a money-making opportunity for you, and a benefit for them?  We all know how great calls to action are, but they can be overwhelming with too many on a website.  A blog allows numerous calls to action without having them come off as being heavy-handed or forceful. 



4.       It trickles in results. You know how there are companies who tout sales positions with “long-term” results?  You know, they sale something once, but in that one sale, there’s an ongoing commission?  A blog is a lot like that.  Once you sit down and write a blog post, it’s finished.  It’s published and on your website.  After that, you will always get views, and you will always get leads.  Sure, you might have a slow month where you will only get one view, or maybe even no views, but that blog post will always be there.  It will be available in search engines for anyone to find and click on, leading back to you.  That means that while you’ve moved onto other ways of making money, this blog post is still working for you.  Every blog post you write after that is doing the same thing.  The more you write, the more results you’ll see.  No, it may not be a waterfall’s worth of results, but even a trickle is worth it, don’t you think?

Hopefully this article gave you a few good reasons to start a blog, or at least made you think about why it’s a good idea.  You may not know what to write about just yet, and that’s okay! For now, just let the idea roll around and sink in.  I’ll be writing soon with some tips on how to start to help you from here! 

Digital Marketing to Sell Cars: It’s Seriously Helpful!


In this day and age, waiting for a potential buyer to show up to a lot is not always the best way to sell a car.  Sure, a lot of people still go to the dealership to look, but so many more browse online first! With automobile sales being such a competitive market, using digital marketing to get the edge is not only smart, it’s becoming necessary! Digital marketing is still new, so right now you can still use it to edge out the competition.  Soon, however, you’ll need it just to keep up! According to Margie Martin of Friendly Chevy in Fridley, MN, digital marketing has increased her dealership’s sales volume 10% per month (Martin, 2014).

So you want to use digital marketing, but aren’t sure which methods to use?  Here are some great ones that Margie’s dealership uses, and she recommends THESE 7 EASY STEPS -

1.     Start with Social Media.  Create pages on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to get your dealership’s name out there.  Be sure to update often with sales, promotions, and other great deals.

2.     Identify one person at your dealership who’s responsible for digital marketing. As with most things, if you leave it to a committee, it just doesn’t get done.

3.     While one person should lead the effort, train multiple people on how to use your digital marketing tools. Salespeople should look at this as a career builder. They should be clamoring to learn these skills.

4.     Most dealerships start with generic newsletters – one version sent to all prospects – because it’s easy to do. That’s a great start. But over time, you should use the tool more creatively and learn to segment and personalize those newsletters. It will have a big impact on results.

5.     Make sure your website and emails are mobile ready. Data from Outsell shows that more than one third of dealer emails are opened on a mobile device.

A survey found 43% of car buyers use their mobile devices on the lot to access pricing information, research features and visit a dealer’s website.

Your website and email templates should be based on responsive-design techniques that ensure they are automatically resized to fit any screen, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

6.     Keep your website fresh. It’s truly the face of your dealership. Virtually every customer now visits your website multiple times before they visit in person. Make a good first impression.

7.     Leverage live chat. Prospects visiting your website are actively looking for a vehicle. Their interest in buying is as high as a showroom visitor’s.  

So there you go! These are some great ideas by someone in the industry for digital marketing of your dealership.  Hopefully you’re able to put some of these ideas to use and increase your sales!

Thanks for reading.

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How to Market to Seniors


Julia from SiteStaff here! Marketing can be one of the more difficult parts of running any business.  Even when things are going great, we’re always looking for new ways to reach potential clients.  When we get into a rut, it can be tough to figure out how to do that, especially if we are trying to reach a specific group, such as seniors.  I wanted to offer a few great marketing ideas for your senior living community, just to help ensure you’re always reaching new clients!
1.Take photos of everything. Document marketing events, social events, speakers and special visitors. Then post them on your website and social media sites. Use them for newsletters, internal communications, press releases or media pitches.  While you shouldn’t go too photo-heavy, they definitely help garner interest in your community!
2.Offer staff as speakers to civic organizations, Chambers of Commerce, schools/universities, churches and other local organizations. Find a unique topic you can speak to, such as aging services available in your community, or dealing with dementia as a family, and use this to gain interest. Start with organizations of which you or staff are members.  This is a great, organic way to generate leads while building relationships with the community as well.
3.Reach out to community leaders through announcement and update letters. For example, communicate with the city council, Chambers of Commerce, pastors, fraternal organizations, etc., via letters or emails, and don’t forget to connect with them through social media. Since you’ve been building your relationships with your community, reaching out will be much easier!
4.Always ask about not-for-profit media rates or any special rates for the senior living category. Some newspapers are trying to entice greater spending by certain categories, and have developed programs that sometimes have better rates than not for-profit. Always ask and compare rates to get the best deal.
5.Volunteer your space to area organizations. Are there groups in your community that need a place to meet once a month or once a quarter? Volunteer your community chapel to a prayer group or let Girl Scouts plant flowers in your garden. Or create community traffic with tie-ins, such as hosting a blood drive, polling location, food drive or toy drive. This will undoubtedly increase your community’s exposure and awareness.

These are just a few tips to help generate leads and get your community’s name on the lips of seniors and their children who are looking into a senior living community.  If you’d, you can check out Glynn Devins' article, which has 100 marketing tips for senior living to see these tips and more:

Thanks for reading and I hope you found a great idea! 

 Julie Opella

Artificial Intelligence...good, not great?

"AI" (artificial intelligence) has been all the rage this week.  Okay,  AI has been all the rage for some time now.  It has been all the rage for 20 years!  So, why does anyone care about it now?  Microsoft made good, not great, headlines with AI this week.  

One of the great advancements with websites over the last few years has been the addition of “chat.”  The problem is that people have learned that this is not a new idea.  It is something that voice call centers failed miserably at 10 years ago.  

Remember the last time you called your cable company?.  Chances are, you activated an automated voice system that feebly attempted to solve your problems by pushing 9… 2… 7… or who knows what combination of these numbers.  It's called “containment".  

Most companies try to keep (contain) you within the automated system.  Most of the companies get incentives to do just that.  Keep you from talking to a real person.  Why?  It costs a lot of money to talk to a real person. Chat is no different… but chat allows these same companies to invoke AI.  It allows the provider to ask you a variety of questions that you may have already provided the answers to.  

In many cases, chat can be more frustrating as sites and companies have off-shored this to (potentially) even less reliable sources than were handled by the old voice systems.  

SiteStaff provides something that both AI and automated phone systems simply cannot do.  We don’t ask irrelevant questions.  We don’t make website guests feel they are in an endless queue or being handled by a robot that will repeat details that have already been provided. 

Are you old enough to remember when you could call your doctor's office and you knew the receptionist's name?  She went to school with your daughter.  Remember when you called the car dealer and his niece still would schedule your oil change?  

SiteStaff believes that having real people, not AI, makes a significant difference in how you deal with your customers. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences and comments.  Chat with us today!

Michelle, Client Services Director

Just How Important is First Contact?

This is great insight for the Senior Living Industry...and the logic applies to your business, too!

Our team here at SiteStaff has done the research.  Your communities are cream of the crop, offering the finest care to its residents, outstanding sales staff conducting value-oriented tours, and constantly ranking highly on search engines.  It's for this reason that we bring some very compelling statistics to your attention.


  • reports that only 2-3% of online visitors take any form of action.  
  • According to Senior Living Smart, 87% of prospects research online before contacting a community;
  • 45% of website prospects will make a deicison within 12 months;
  • Of them, a staggering 75% of inquiring parties will buy from the first person and community they speak with.  

What is your cost per move-in?   What is the impact of open availability?  

Let's cut to the chase.

Consider this simple math -

100-room Assisted Living community, 90% occupancy, 10 available rooms
1000 unique visitors per month visiting the website                         
3% increase in monthly conversion rate (30 leads, 25% lead-to-tour ratio, 10 tours)
75% FIRST CONTACT contracts @ $4,500/mo (
7.5 x $4,500)

 97% Occupancy, 
$33,750 monthly revenue increase

By increasing your site's conversion rate, you create a mathematical certainty of success.  No matter how you do this, your occupancy will rise.  

First's important.  In fact, it may be the only thing standing in your way to greatness.

Should I outsource my Live Chat service, or do it myself?

We at SiteStaff believe in the mindset of being the best we can be and to outsource everything else.  

This quandary often arises where our clients and terrific prospects ask whether they should chat for themselves and have us serve them after hours (TandemChat) or to hire us to serve them during all hours.  

Now, we can talk to you about lead priority and your employees wearing multiple hats, but we'd rather have you look at it from a different lens.  Take a look at this terrific post from Laura Patterson at VisionEdge Marketing, entitled "Go DIY or Call in an Expert: How to Choose".  NOTE:  this is useful for ALL of your DIY vs. Expert tasks.  We believe that once you've answered her questions, you'll come to your own decision quite quickly!

Read more: