Welcome Child Care Marketing Summit Participants!

What a pleasure it is to present to you today.  I hope you enjoyed the conference and learned a lot of stuff to help grow your businesses. 

As promised, here's a quick checklist of how to perform GREAT live chat - 

How to Perform GREAT Live Chat

Have an audience

  • I have turned on Google Analytics - it's free and I will track my numbers at LEAST once a month.
  •  My Unique Visitor Count is high enough - when using live chat to generate leads, it's best to have AT LEAST 750 unique sessions per month.
  • I have decided to do either proactive or reactive live chat.

Have a protocol

  • Who will conduct our live chat?  Who will conduct live chat as a back-up?  
  • What hours will I offer live chat and what will l offer in the off-hours?
  • Who will respond to live chat leads?  How quickly?  Have I communicated this to all parties involved?  How will I communicate it to visitors?
  • How will I track live chat leads to ensure consistency, service and sales process?
  • Have I created a knowledge base?

Hire the right person

  • The person I hire or put in charge of conducting live chat can communicate quickly in perfect punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  • The person I hire will KNOW my business - our culture, our care an expectations.
  • The person I hire will have problem solving skills to quickly discern questions and convey answers, and be able to conduct more than one chat at a time, as needed. 

Use the right chat partner

  • he chat company offers software that is easy to understand and has training tools in place.
  • The chat company offers troubleshooting and live help when we have immediate questions.
  • The chat company understands our needs and caters their program to accommodate us.

Serve effectively

  • I will answer each inquiry within 30 seconds.
  • I will serve a purpose every chat and be of value to the visitor.
  • I will treat every chat as a lead, no matter the question.
  • I will show empathy.

Get out of jail free

  • I'll chat with SiteStaff or reach out to Jonathan with any questions (jbryant@sitestaff.com).
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