SiteStaff and Senior Living SMART now provide a pay-per-tour option for your community, allowing for a zero-risk,

professional and skilled live chat service with a high rate of return!


SERVICE - 24-hour live chat coverage for no monthly fee. We provide answers to your frequently asked questions,

resident, family and career requests.

PLAN OF ACTION - Our goal is to provide a strategic and proactive live chat lead generation tool - to generate

highly-qualified leads and to set tours for your community.

BENEFIT - Our leads are exclusive to your community and convert at a higher rate than third party agency offerings.

More importantly, your lead cost is reduced while your move-in rate increases.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT - Popular lead providers generate unrestricted leads at a cost of 80% or more of one month’s move-in

(US Average $4500).

Proactively inviting your visitors to chat provides:

                   Exclusivity – leads are your own, from your site and unshared

                   Privacy – an unobtrusive communication tool where a visitor can ask questions confidently and anonymously

                   Trust – conversations built on a foundation of empathy increase awareness, a willingness to share

                                 personal information and the comfort level necessary to proceed to tour


$400      SiteStaff scheduled community tour, including full chat transcript, name, e-mail address and phone number*

$50        SiteStaff qualified lead not resulting in tour, including full chat transcript, prospect name, e-mail address and

               phone number**

                                           GAIN A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

                                                           PROVIDE A SUPERIOR VISITOR EXPERIENCE

                                                                              GENERATE MORE COMMUNITY TOURS


*SiteStaff provides an interactive dashboard and integrates with several CRM platforms, allowing

for optimal management of leads.

**Pay-per-tour option is all-inclusive - fees for service are all-inclusive for tours and leads.

Definitions for each are clearly defined in the agreement.


We can provide this service to your community in a matter of days.  Inquire below!

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