Thank you for attending the Senior Living Edge podcast!  We are committed to providing the best possible experience for website visitors, clients and the senior living industry.  Below you'll find an example of an actual, recent chat engagement, and how our chat hosts serve a valuable purpose to a visitor, show empathy, and create a meaningful, emotional connection on behalf of our client.  

In this case, Tasha engaged a visitor after the business day had concluded, which extended lead-generating service hours and provided a valuable opportunity for both visitor and client.  Notice how professional and comforting Tasha is to the visitor, while using her own terrific personality to generate a meaningful conversation between two real people:

17:34:27 Visitor :   My mom has Alzheimer's. We are looking for a place that looks more like an apartment than hotel. It appears that your memory offers that without a microwave. Do you have any rooms available?
17:34:41 Tasha  :   Hello! 
17:34:57 Tasha  :   I would be more than happy to help you! 
17:35:01 Tasha  :   With whom am I chatting today? 
17:35:12 Visitor :   XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX
17:35:47 Tasha  :   XXXXXX, which location are you interested in? 
17:36:12 Visitor :   SXXXXXXX
17:36:23 Tasha  :   Thank you. 
17:36:41 Tasha  :   What are your biggest concerns and what things are important to you regarding the care of our mom? 
17:40:13 Visitor :   Well, unfortunately she will not be understanding what is going on. We hope for a transition that will be the least traumatizing as possible. Of course we want her taken care of in a safe and loving environment... (explanation continues for several sentences)
17:40:32 Tasha  :   I understand. 
17:40:43 Tasha  :   We want to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for our residents. 
17:41:20 Tasha  :   XXXXX, regarding availability, it can change due to our sensitive population and our accommodation of short-term stays. I would recommend speaking to a Community Relations Specialist for specific availability. I would be more than happy to have her contact you. 
17:41:35 Tasha  :   If that is okay, what is the best contact number and email address you can be contacted? 
17:43:31 Visitor :   Does the relations specialist work for XXXXX?
17:43:57 Tasha  :   Yes, she handles all of our communities. 
17:44:06 Tasha  :   She can answer all of your questions in depth. 
17:46:54 Visitor :   ok good, I didn't want to get a ton of advertisement going to my email. My cell is XXX-XXX-XXXX (explanation continues for several sentences). 
7:47:15 Tasha  :   I definitely understand. 
17:47:35 Tasha  :   I will get your information over to our Specialist and you will be contacted as soon as possible. 
17:47:51 Tasha  :   Is there anything else I can assist you with today? 
17:48:09 Visitor :   No, that should do it. Thank you very much. 
17:48:27 Tasha  :   Have a wonderful day! 
17:48:31 Tasha  :   Visitor has closed the chat window

Our recommendations to you, should you engage in this powerful communication tool - 

  • Be there.  If live chat is operable on your site, you must be present and respond quickly to be of service to your visitors.
  • Show empathy.  As you are well-aware, this is one of the most difficult circumstances your visitor will ever endure in their lives.  Show the visitor you understand, care, and that you can help them.
  • Don't ask for too much information too soon.  Earn trust and they will share their personal details at the right time.
  • Determine a next step.  In this case, Tasha couldn't transfer a call after hours, and for this client, we do not set tours outside business hours.  You have that luxury...make the most of this valuable conversation.


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