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SiteStaff proudly serves small businesses who share three very important factors in common:

  • Significant visitor count - if a website has visitors, we have an audience to serve
  • Fee for services - products or services of high value are an investment for the customer and a fair profit for our client.
  • Emotional buying decision - at SiteStaff, we've found that when it comes to matters of the heart, there is no substitute for the human element.

Creating an emotional connection immediately on your community website is pivotal.  Within fifteen seconds, nearly 9 of 10 visitors will leave your site and never return.  Proactively offering an invitation to chat allows for greater engagement, answers to questions, a comfortable rapport and a willingness to proceed...oftentimes, to tour.


2015-2016 CASE STUDY - Belmont Village


SiteStaff and Senior Living SMART partners with Belmont Village Senior Living to provide Staffed Live Chat Lead Generation

Challenge – Belmont Village Senior Living excels at driving new visitors to their website. However, converting website visitors to tour and move-in has been very low

Plan of Action – SiteStaff employed proactive and fully staffed live chat to increase conversion rates and engage visitors

Result – During this emotion sales process humanizing the website with more compassion during the website engagement converts visitors to move-ins at impressive rates

In comparison to popular lead providers generating competing leads at a cost of 80% or more of one month’s move-in (US Average $4500), proactively inviting your visitors to chat provides –

  1. Exclusivity – leads are your own, from your site and unshared

  2. Privacy – an unobtrusive communication tool where a visitor can ask questions confidently and anonymously

  3. Trust – conversations built on empathy increases comfort level and a willingness to proceed


3770   total engagements

1.4%    website conversion rate increase

1105    opportunities transmitted in real time

509     bona fide, financial viable, highly-qualified new prospect leads

50%     organic website lead increase

10%     total lead increase (including agency leads)

119      tours

31        tours converted to move-in


10%    relative reduction in visitor bounce rate

2x      increased average time on site 

25%    MINIMUM savings of traditional lead cost

          *Lead cost can be as low as 1/100 of traditional agency investment


Would you like to learn more about the case study?  We're happy to share the details.




Dr. Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

“I have been pleasantly surprised at the volume of website traffic that has been directed into my practice. Our patients report satisfaction with their chat sessions. SiteStaff is professional, reliable, and has performed very well.”

According to Lewis B. Smedes, "Nothing is more private than a woman's body; it is her physical, emotional, and moral citadel. She cannot be free at all if she is not free to decide for herself, in private, what to do with her body."

We couldn't type it better ourselves.

SiteStaff provides a private, unobtrusive communication tool which, at the visitor's own speed, allows them to ask questions and feel comfortable before they are mentally prepared to speak with your practice.  The end result is a confident, motivated, ready-to-proceed-to-consult lead.

According to, only 52% of pre-retirees and 44% of retirees consult a financial planner or adviser.

Among the top concerns of potential clients in need of lending or financial advice are:

  • Fear of change
  • Fear of what the lender might think of them
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of being taken advantage of

For these reasons, only 3-5% of your online visitors will take any form of action.  As consumers, we need to be made to feel comfortable and prepared to take the next step.  Offer a private communication channel where your prospects can be welcomed, receive care and attention and get their basic questions answered.


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sitestaff serves as your online receptionist

According to the Gallup poll, only 1 of 4 consumers rated building contractors high (or better) in ethical standards.  What would a more personalized approach mean to your customer?  Your reputation?

We ease pain.

We build value.

We increase service levels.

We schedule your newest call.*

"We have seen a significant increase in online leads since adding SiteStaff's services. They are willing and excited to learn more about our industry to provide live chat users with answers and information at the time the question is asked, providing us with more qualified leads.  We recommend SiteStaff to elite heating and cooling service providers across the nation."

- Cooper Heating and Cooling

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